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Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Will Do A Unique LOGO Design For Your Website Or Business For Just $5


I will design a professional and unique LOGO for your kick start or start-up website, company or business with my gifted skill and you will surely be amazed by my work.

# What you will get:
  • JPG format with beautiful and solid background
  • PNG format with and without transparent background
  • PDF format
  • Files re-edited to your satisfaction
  • Delivery in less than 4 days

# Why Choose Me?
  • Original and creative
  • Listen to your demand attentively
  • Fast delivery
  • Give you a satisfying job

# Check Out My Extra Gigs:

  • I will deliver your LOGO in less than 24 hrs (Promo Price) for just $10.
  • I will provide you with High resolution file (at least 2000px, 300dpi) suitable for print for just $5

Contact me if you need something that is not mentioned in this gig description

NOTE: I don't draw cartoon characters. My graphic design style is creative, clean and effective, with simple shapes which will make your logo unique and eye catching.

Read the full information in my profile and order my creative design by clicking here.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Let's Rub Minds Together Internet Marketers - Answer This Question.

Answer this beautiful question dear Imer

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

CEO Of Fidelis Ozuwala - Facebook Advert Without Paying

The popular owner of whose name is Fidelis Ozuwala wrote a beautiful step by step method on how to advertise for free on Facebook. With this method, you don't have to pay anything.

This is what he has shared online:

CEO of
Firstly, I believe old Facebook accounts are hard to be flagged! Do you know few IMERs had over 50 GTB cards back then? Do you know what they do with those Facebook logins then?

I won't reveal much, let's make this a bit legal.

On Facebook, they flag/block your ad account not your main account.

The best way to explain this is in my own experience and its still working.

I ran Facebook ad in my main account, as you all know after you have paid for a few ads you can increase your bid to up to many thousands of dollars, then make sure its the beginning of the month, make sure the card has no much money, then increase your bid and run ads pending till them to charge you then block the card and request new card.
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Want To Marry Blogger Emasoga Priscilla

Imer Tom Blaize Gabriel felt concerned about what he posted online and called the attention of other Internet Marketers online.

Who is Emasoga Priscilla ?

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I Died And Woke Up On A Sunday 13/12/2009 - Blogger Ehis Nath Revealed

This is what he wrote to his timeline recently about how he died and woke on the 13th of December, 2009.

Blogger Ehis Nath Writes;

Ehis Nath

It was on Sunday 13th December, 2009 I died and woke up!

God is just too great. He is an awesome God. He's incomparable. His love and tender mercies are unsearchable. How much he can do is immeasurable.

It occurred to me that it happened on a sunday while the teaching on thanksgiving was on in church and all I can say now is; Father in heaven, I thank you for restoring me back to life and for helping me recall all that I had learned all through the semester.

➤ Visit Imer Ehis Nath Website  @

I couldn't recall so many things but my academic works were just in the forefront of my brain and those exams were some of the very best of 5 year program.

God's been faithful even in my sometimes unfairly attitude to Him and other things.

Is God faithful to you too?
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Friday, March 17, 2017

Picture: Can You Spot Linda Ikeji In The Photo Back Then In Secondary School?

As she has shared on her IG page,
 Pic taken in 1996 or 97. We passed out in '97, LAGGS. Can you spot me in the photo?

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Picture: Blogger Wale Adekile Was Harsh With The Reply To

Don caprio -
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Friday, February 10, 2017

Popular Actress And Blogger Emasoga Priscillia Was Spotted Frying Garri - Cassava Flakes

Trending photos of a popular actress and blogger emasoga priscilla who was spotted frying cassava flakes ( also known as Garri ). See photos below;

Is she a Garri Seller? or A blogger ? or An Actress?

Read also; A Popualar Female Blogger Emasoga Priscilla Is Feeling Motivated Right Now. Who Is Behind This?

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Monday, February 6, 2017

James Adeshina - If You're Not Earning The Minimum of $5k Monthly Then You Need Your Pastor


An Internet Marketer who also worked at +Fiverr ' +James Adeshina ' and popularly known as "The Unselfish Ceo" updated his timeline with a serious post on +Facebook  which actually got the attention of other internet marketers online. 

 As a blogger, I guess this will make you think and re-think. 

Are you gonna stop blogging or you gonna continue if your blog / website isn't making up to $5,000 monthly?

This is what he has posted on his timeline:
If your blog, group, page is generating massive conversion and you are not earning the minimum of $5k monthly, then you need to visit your pastor for deliverance or consult the UNSELFISH CEO for business counseling.
It's a serious matter...

Huh? Is he for real?

What do you have to say?

NOTE: You can contact him on facebook for Business Counselling.

Do you really wanna contact him?
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How I Started Blogging - Miracle Rockiez Nack Us With His Experience

Internet Marketer ' +Miracle Rockiez  ' who is the owner of  explained how he started blogging, how he visited and became more interested. 

This is what he has shared online:
You started blogging because you hear your friends are bloggers
You started blogging because you hear that blog pays
You started your blog because they told you that adsense pays people that blog
Have you ever ask yourself this blog you joined, is it your profession, is it your passion, is it your talent or you just joined blogging because all the people around you are bloggers.
 Then he continued and gave details on how he started blogging ;
I started blogging because the guy that teach me how to create a blog site told me that blogging is a lucrative business that can give me a million in just single week and I strongly believe him and rush into blog. The day I came across of, I said to my self I want my blog to be like this.
I visited Nairaland and I became more interested, started searching the script allover the net. Till the day, my friend introduced me to Ogbongeblog I started searching for the template not up to a week a friend told me about exam runs, I jumped into wapka design site and started looking for waec people. Jack of all trade master of none.
I said to myself that I can't do this, I have to start from somewhere. Then, I joined Bulk Sms business. The reason I like bulk sms business is that before adsense will approve some blogger, my bulksms site already fetching me money.
Before your adsense will start paying you, my clients are always there to pay. One client from Abia state pays me 10k every wednesday, how much are you getting from your blog per month or weeks. I'm not against your business but just think twice before you start. PLEASE DON'T MIND MY GRAMMAR
Hello people, I don't believe what he said. I strongly believe that Blogging pays mote than the Bulksms.
Because I have never seen any testimony from someone who started this Bulksms business.

Or, Is there any?

See prove below of his post:
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No.1 Reason Why Blogger - Jide Ogunsanya - Likes GLO NETWORK

Recently, Blogger +Jide Ogunsanya visited Nairaland Forum to find out the latest news in Nigeria. 

Jide Ogunsanya happens to be a good user of Etisalat Network, he browse without thinking twice about the amount of money he used in buying Etisalat Datas. 

I so much love competitors in business, GLO Network had to attract Blogger Jide Ogunsanya with their strategies by giving out more than what Etisalat network have been doing. 

So interesting! 
        3.2Gigs for N1,000 - Glo Network
        1 Gig for N1,000 - Etisalat Network. 

Please which the best out of these networks? I guess Etisalat is still working fine and fast while Glo works in some places and it's kind of slow when browsing right?

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Beware of This Advert On Nairaland! Contact Seun Osewa

According to "Basil Ita Ekuson", he confirmed that the advert place on Nairaland Forum is a Scam.

This is what he has posted on his facebook timeline;

SCAM EVERYWHERE! BEWARE OF THIS ADVERT ON NAIRALAND THAT CLAIMED TO BE SELLING DATA. He scammed my friend. My friend saw this ad on nairaland and called him to inquire about his data bundle packages, he asked my friend to register on his website and pay to his bank account. My friend went ahead and pay to his bank account. My friend went ahead and paid, since 3 days now he had refused to pick calls from my friend's number. He picks calls from other numbers and when he discovers it's my friend that's calling, he busies the call. We tried to contact Seun Osewa but there's no contact page on nairaland. Many might be falling for this particular ad, so help and share this until it gets to Seun Osewa of nairaland. Thanks. 

Basil Ita Ekuson really liked his friend, and he is trying to help him. Kindly please my dear reader, help this young man to contact +Seun Osewa so the guy won't be able to advertise anymore on nairaland. 


What do you think about this post? Can it be true? 

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Build A Profitable Blog In 30 Days - "Promise Excel"
Who Is the Ebook For?
This ebook is for anyone who wants to make money online from his passion, skills, experience and knowledge.

What You Should Know Before Clicking The Download Button? 
There’s nothing worse than creating a blog that no one notices and even worse still, a blog that does not make you a dime can drive you crazy. 

There are so many information about starting a blog and making money from a blog out there that many people get so confused and just give up about trying.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me - 50 Random Facts You Don't Know About Me.

It's My Day! 
Hip Hip Hurray!
Happy Birthday To Me! I wanna give glory to God for His divine protection over me. I'm so happy I'm +1 Today. Happy birthday to me. I so much believe I'm gonna LAST.

And for those of you who don't know about me, who don't know what I can do, who don't know my likes and dislikes; don't worry I have provided to you some facts about me.

Enjoy while reading 50 Random Facts About Me...

  • I'm from Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria, Africa
  • My real name is Ajetunmobi Daniel Omotola
  •  My best food is Fried egg and Plaintain 
  • I sleep like a baby..... like I'm feeling cold
  • My best color is Purple
  • I can't do without drinking water before eating Mostly, I eat twice in a day.
  • I hate English Language ( I don't like speaking English ). I'm always afraid if I will throw bullet or not
  • I write more than I talk. I'm stubborn and usually get angry easily
  • I'm so Emotional 
  • I couldn't speak Yoruba language until I was 7
  • My favorite movie is Romance and Comedy
  • The biggest book I've ever read is about 100 pages only. I don't really like reading, I rather sit and start practicing Mavis Beacon on a computer. Moreover, I'm used to reading online. 
  • Most times I cry when I start worshiping the Lord
  • I'm an Introvert
  • I do calm myself down with a worship song when I'm angry ( I listen to worship songs anytime I'm angry ).
  • My best subject is Computer.
  • I'm addicted to the internet
  • I've never hug the girl I love. I'm always scared to even have an handshake with her. 
  • I hate when girls tell me "How far guy". Say "Watsup Dan" instead. 
  • I'm always jealous.
  • I prefer walking than to pay a bike man #50 ( fifty naira ) note even if the distance is long or not.
  • I have only two best friends. A boy and A girl.
  • I hate when people don't say the truth about me.
  • I'm the type that always write down what to buy in the market even if it just two things.
  • I know how to play ball but don't know anything about football
  • I don't know how to eat with a knife and fork. I rather use spoon I don't form. I was brought up with the use of spoon.
  • I've never fall in love with a girl by her appearance but by her behavior / attitude / character.
  • I hate when people say I'm brilliant because I know I'm not. I only know how to read and write. 
  • I hate people showing off the amount of money they have earned so far online. Because I call it "Pride"
  • As a teenager, the least amount of money I can spend on a girl is #2000 only. I'm not selfish though. 
  • I can stay indoors for a week without stepping my foot outside.
  • I used only two social networks in my secondary school days. 2go and Facebook
  • I love listening to advises most especially from my two best-friends.
  • I do attack ( abuse ) girls who don't have respect for me even if you are older than me
  • I dislike girls taller than me. My height deceives them a lot.... lol
  • I don't know how to cut my finger nails and of toes. My mum do that for me even till now.
  • I don't copy. I always bring up a new idea on something at least once / twice in a week
  • I don't snore when I sleep. I asked this questions severely from my roommates / parents
  • I'm gentle but stubborn ( I love fighting; I'm always at fault )
  • I have only visited two states in Nigeria. Lagos and Osun
  • I always pray to have my own house and car before getting married ( My bank account to start speaking in tongues )
  • I prefer taking insults online. But if you see me face to face and you try to insult me then look me in the eye and tell me what you see. If it's red then please start running.
  •  I speak French (Average), and still looking forward to start learning Chinese and Spanish language. But my favorite is French because the way I do my tongue looks so funny when I start speaking it. 
  • I hate mosquitoes ... I prefer staying in the Oven. 
  • I look more handsome after bathing... My mum revealed that to me.
  •  I can sit in front of a computer for 2 days.
  •  I always wish to marry the first lady who sent a Happy Birthday Message to me this morning. She always advice me to stop deceiving myself. 

Thanks for reading guys.

Happy Birthday To Me.

Now here's what I want YOU to do.

  • Click on social sharing buttons below and share this post with your friends, I'm very sure they'll love to hear about me. Today is my day, so do that for me please. 
  • Comment below and let me know your story about me, what exactly do you know about me? have we ever met before? If you have any questions feel free to ask. Do not forget to wish me a Happy Birthday. 

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Saturday, November 5, 2016 Reported To The Members Of OAK FORUM On WhatsApp!!

I keep wondering who are the OWNERS of this websites not until I got an information breaking the internet today. I’ll want you to calm down, sit back, and hold a cup of tea while reading. Remember to drink the tea after reading. 


NGCELEBS: Is a Music and World Entertainment Website that provides all round entertainments such as Naija Videos, Music Videos, News, Gossips etc.
OWNER’S NAME: Obasuyi Efe Michael 



PEOPLESGIST Is an all-encompassing Nigerian news site that provides a platform for an active, multicultural Nigerian audience to consume and interact with compelling content and unique digital experiences. Peoplesgist chronicles celebrities (and blogs), lifestyle content, entertainment news, fashion, music, and politics with an authoritative voice.
OWNER’S NAME: Victor Chioke.

Obasuyi Efe Michael who is the owner of visited his friend’s website one day. He so much have interest in his website.... Why? Because has a simple and responsive template whereby internet users can easily navigate through. So friendly.

Recently from our source, Obasuyi Efe Michael requested for ‘Victor Chioke’s Template (peoplesgist), asking him to give out his template because he so much liked it.

Is ‘Victor Chioke’ really the owner/creator of the template? We will find out that later. Let’s watch and see.

But Victor Chioke the Smart blogger refused and said it’s impossible. Moreover, nothing can be impossible in front of Obasuyi Efe Michael. He surely must find a way to get the template.

So because of what Victor Chioke said, Oba Efe Michael was laughing but angry inside of him so decided to dropped this in a bloggers forum on whatsapp. See Below: 

Wow! So this is how he reported to the members of OAK FORUM on Whatsapp.


Somebody is trying to source code Victor Chioke’s website again. See a follow up chat to that;

Who can the person be?

Who can the person be? Is the person ‘Ngcelebs’again? What was he trying to do? To get the name of the kind of template Blogger ‘Victor Chioke’ is using? So he can download it?
Like I’ve said Blogger Victor Chioke is a smart blogger who knows what bloggers can do if they like something on his webiste, now he went further to do something funny if somebody later tries to source code his website.

Source Code his website now and See. Don’t think I will tell you how to source code it because only professionals can do that... Wait! Am I Wrong?

Stand up! And keep wondering what Victor Chioke will do when he finds out that you’re using his template or trying to source code his website...

Obasuyi Efe Michael has a nice template too so he is good to go. I know he won’t try to look for Victor Chioke’s trouble.


Has he done that already?

Now here’s what I want you to do: 
  • Are you one of the Fans of NGCELEBS or PEOPLESGIST? Click on social sharing buttons below and share this post with your friends. I’m very sure they’ll love to hear about their actions in this blogosphere.
  • Comment below and let me know your review about their websites. Do you know Ngcelebs? Do you know Peoplesgist? What have they done for you?

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