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Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Will Do A Unique LOGO Design For Your Website Or Business For Just $5


I will design a professional and unique LOGO for your kick start or start-up website, company or business with my gifted skill and you will surely be amazed by my work.

# What you will get:
  • JPG format with beautiful and solid background
  • PNG format with and without transparent background
  • PDF format
  • Files re-edited to your satisfaction
  • Delivery in less than 4 days

# Why Choose Me?
  • Original and creative
  • Listen to your demand attentively
  • Fast delivery
  • Give you a satisfying job

# Check Out My Extra Gigs:

  • I will deliver your LOGO in less than 24 hrs (Promo Price) for just $10.
  • I will provide you with High resolution file (at least 2000px, 300dpi) suitable for print for just $5

Contact me if you need something that is not mentioned in this gig description

NOTE: I don't draw cartoon characters. My graphic design style is creative, clean and effective, with simple shapes which will make your logo unique and eye catching.

Read the full information in my profile and order my creative design by clicking here.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

How I Really Wish I Didn't Even Wake Up Today - Okoro Daniel O

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I Was Never Depressed Or Afraid Of Getting Banned From Youtube - Imer Mohammad Umer Iftikhar Writes

Are you afraid of getting banned from Youtube? Just tell me, why are you depressed?

Internet marketer - Mohammad Umer Iftikhar - writes online to his profile about how he was depressed and afraid of getting banned from Youtube.

But do you know what? He is making up to $500 USD daily.

This is what he wrote:


I am and was never depressed or afraid of getting banned from Youtube. Last night I posted being depressed was actually not completing target in time.

I am thankful to Allah for what I have and if there is something missing. I can get that by hard work or prayers. If channels have gone, Allah has better plan for me.

So I am sorry to let haters down that I am afraid or depressed by channels suspension. You know what I still have 100+ channels. Youtube only suspended my three channels that were making around 100+ Usd a day.

But right after that I have opened and created 25+ more channels having strategy of making 500 Usd a day. So you should understand how well risk taker and how well risk divider and how well smart worker you are.

I know I am not smart worker and I am doing wrong by just relying on Google Adsense. The thing that got me depressed was having millions of views and earning coins. While rest of smart workers are having low volume of visitors and earning great ( Affiliate Marketing ).

So I was depressed as I know nothing about affiliate marketing, writing techniques, site SEO and plans. I was depressed because I am somehow on right and wrong road. I was depressed because I should do smart work.

But in the last I am. Alhamdulillah doing great.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blogger Kemi Omololu Ofunloyo Being Led Away In Her Prison Outfit For Her Bail Hearing

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Let's Rub Minds Together Internet Marketers - Answer This Question.

Answer this beautiful question dear Imer

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

CEO Of Fidelis Ozuwala - Facebook Advert Without Paying

The popular owner of whose name is Fidelis Ozuwala wrote a beautiful step by step method on how to advertise for free on Facebook. With this method, you don't have to pay anything.

This is what he has shared online:

CEO of
Firstly, I believe old Facebook accounts are hard to be flagged! Do you know few IMERs had over 50 GTB cards back then? Do you know what they do with those Facebook logins then?

I won't reveal much, let's make this a bit legal.

On Facebook, they flag/block your ad account not your main account.

The best way to explain this is in my own experience and its still working.

I ran Facebook ad in my main account, as you all know after you have paid for a few ads you can increase your bid to up to many thousands of dollars, then make sure its the beginning of the month, make sure the card has no much money, then increase your bid and run ads pending till them to charge you then block the card and request new card.
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Want To Marry Blogger Emasoga Priscilla

Imer Tom Blaize Gabriel felt concerned about what he posted online and called the attention of other Internet Marketers online.

Who is Emasoga Priscilla ?

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I Died And Woke Up On A Sunday 13/12/2009 - Blogger Ehis Nath Revealed

This is what he wrote to his timeline recently about how he died and woke on the 13th of December, 2009.

Blogger Ehis Nath Writes;

Ehis Nath

It was on Sunday 13th December, 2009 I died and woke up!

God is just too great. He is an awesome God. He's incomparable. His love and tender mercies are unsearchable. How much he can do is immeasurable.

It occurred to me that it happened on a sunday while the teaching on thanksgiving was on in church and all I can say now is; Father in heaven, I thank you for restoring me back to life and for helping me recall all that I had learned all through the semester.

➤ Visit Imer Ehis Nath Website  @

I couldn't recall so many things but my academic works were just in the forefront of my brain and those exams were some of the very best of 5 year program.

God's been faithful even in my sometimes unfairly attitude to Him and other things.

Is God faithful to you too?
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Friday, March 17, 2017

I Really Appreciate This Smart Billionaire - Imer Nancy Chuks Thumps Up

Internet marketer Nancy Chuks sent a beautiful appreciation message to a Smart Billionaire who is silently rich in Importation business.

The name of this smart billionaire is Onyedikachi Kingsley Ogbuagu who is also an internet marketer.

No one knows the reason why +Nancy Chuks wrote this beautiful story about how she met the smart billionaire.

This is what she has posted online;

I really appreciate this smart billionaire. The kabiyesi 1 of importation business. The Ogbuagu 1 of Igbo land Onyedikachi. You may not know Bro but I have learnt a lot from you despite the fact that we have not really talked or chat for more than 5 minutes.

Your business lifestyle depits Focus. consistency . self confidence . determination and contentment.

I have been watching you, your daily posts, kabiyesi, your future is greater than you can imagine.

Friends, this is the only guy I know that is not moved by the wind of $$$ since I know him, he has stood for one cause. remained with same cause . managed the cause. grown the same cause. and more successful than those who do 3 online business.

He could do binary if he chose, he could do bitcoin if he chose, he could do any other online business if he chooses to but for the fact you have remained with one cause till now. You are a Gem and I celebrate you today.

It doesn't mean he won't diversify tomorrow, of course diversification is the life of every business friends but I appreciate the fact that he FOCUSED ON ONE CAUSE UNTIL IT BECAME SUCCESSFUL. This is personal.

I personally appreciate this coming from a young man like you onyi.

I am proud to be your friend and want to let you know that I have learnt a lot from you from a distance.

#Thumps Up Kabiyesi.
#Take Ribenna Cheers.

The only thing I keep wondering in this post is how the smart billionaire 'Onyedikachi Kingsley Ogbuagu' made Nancy Chuks became successful today in importation business. 

And reasons why Internet Marketer Nancy Chuks keep calling this smart billionaire "KABIYESI".

Hey friend, you should have been hearing about importation business but don't know what is it all about. As in importation of goods.

From our reports, this smart billionaire has been into this business for long and he can make you successful if you know and do the right thing.

We confirmed that he has trained alot online and testimonies from internet users have been posted online about how they become successful today, just the way Imer Nancy Chuks did.

It's so easy to find him online. You can search his name on google or inbox him directly on Facebook. Click  his name below to message him on Facebook easily about this importation of goods. 

He can be your helper and mentor.

Onyedikachi Kingsley Ogbuagu

Would you like to contact Nancy Chuks too?

Leave your comment below if you once had any transaction with them either face to face or online. or have they helped you in any other way? Ask any question if there is.

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I Feel So Ashamed When Pro In The Field Scam The Upcoming Ones

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Gerrad Chigozie Later Replied My Message When He Heard About Money

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Internet Marketers, Be Careful With The Way You Treat People

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This Is The Last Reply You'd Ever Get From Me - Blogger Promise Excel Replied With Anger

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Picture: Can You Spot Linda Ikeji In The Photo Back Then In Secondary School?

As she has shared on her IG page,
 Pic taken in 1996 or 97. We passed out in '97, LAGGS. Can you spot me in the photo?

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Picture: Blogger Wale Adekile Was Harsh With The Reply To

Don caprio -
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