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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How I Started Blogging - Miracle Rockiez Nack Us With His Experience

Internet Marketer ' +Miracle Rockiez  ' who is the owner of  explained how he started blogging, how he visited and became more interested. 

This is what he has shared online:
You started blogging because you hear your friends are bloggers
You started blogging because you hear that blog pays
You started your blog because they told you that adsense pays people that blog
Have you ever ask yourself this blog you joined, is it your profession, is it your passion, is it your talent or you just joined blogging because all the people around you are bloggers.
 Then he continued and gave details on how he started blogging ;
I started blogging because the guy that teach me how to create a blog site told me that blogging is a lucrative business that can give me a million in just single week and I strongly believe him and rush into blog. The day I came across of, I said to my self I want my blog to be like this.
I visited Nairaland and I became more interested, started searching the script allover the net. Till the day, my friend introduced me to Ogbongeblog I started searching for the template not up to a week a friend told me about exam runs, I jumped into wapka design site and started looking for waec people. Jack of all trade master of none.
I said to myself that I can't do this, I have to start from somewhere. Then, I joined Bulk Sms business. The reason I like bulk sms business is that before adsense will approve some blogger, my bulksms site already fetching me money.
Before your adsense will start paying you, my clients are always there to pay. One client from Abia state pays me 10k every wednesday, how much are you getting from your blog per month or weeks. I'm not against your business but just think twice before you start. PLEASE DON'T MIND MY GRAMMAR
Hello people, I don't believe what he said. I strongly believe that Blogging pays mote than the Bulksms.
Because I have never seen any testimony from someone who started this Bulksms business.

Or, Is there any?

See prove below of his post:

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