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Saturday, February 4, 2017

No.1 Reason Why Blogger - Jide Ogunsanya - Likes GLO NETWORK

Recently, Blogger +Jide Ogunsanya visited Nairaland Forum to find out the latest news in Nigeria. 

Jide Ogunsanya happens to be a good user of Etisalat Network, he browse without thinking twice about the amount of money he used in buying Etisalat Datas. 

I so much love competitors in business, GLO Network had to attract Blogger Jide Ogunsanya with their strategies by giving out more than what Etisalat network have been doing. 

So interesting! 
        3.2Gigs for N1,000 - Glo Network
        1 Gig for N1,000 - Etisalat Network. 

Please which the best out of these networks? I guess Etisalat is still working fine and fast while Glo works in some places and it's kind of slow when browsing right?


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