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Sunday, March 19, 2017

CEO Of Fidelis Ozuwala - Facebook Advert Without Paying

The popular owner of whose name is Fidelis Ozuwala wrote a beautiful step by step method on how to advertise for free on Facebook. With this method, you don't have to pay anything.

This is what he has shared online:

CEO of
Firstly, I believe old Facebook accounts are hard to be flagged! Do you know few IMERs had over 50 GTB cards back then? Do you know what they do with those Facebook logins then?

I won't reveal much, let's make this a bit legal.

On Facebook, they flag/block your ad account not your main account.

The best way to explain this is in my own experience and its still working.

I ran Facebook ad in my main account, as you all know after you have paid for a few ads you can increase your bid to up to many thousands of dollars, then make sure its the beginning of the month, make sure the card has no much money, then increase your bid and run ads pending till them to charge you then block the card and request new card.

Likely question:

  •  Sometimes they charge the account and not the card how do I do this?
In my first case, I used PayPal after the incidence, I make sure no funds is present in the PayPal at month end.

In second case, I use access bank and make sure my account balance there don't get up to the 300k plus I owe.

Anyways, is you have switched to another ad account, you may not be charged again for your old one.

(read on to understand this) ➤➤➤➤

So since one ad account is casted, and you need to continue running Facebook ads for your business, simply get your girlfriends or sisters/brother or friends that has no intention to run ads, get their Facebook logins, set up an ad account, go to ad manager, add your main ( owing account ) as Advert Admin in the account.

You can now run Facebook ads from your main account linked to your sisters account (with your bank card or PayPal).

Continue process above for eternity so far you get hold of card / PayPal plus a valid and old Facebook account to link.

Happy running ads, I won't tell you how many accounts linked to my account now.


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