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Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Was Never Depressed Or Afraid Of Getting Banned From Youtube - Imer Mohammad Umer Iftikhar Writes

Are you afraid of getting banned from Youtube? Just tell me, why are you depressed?

Internet marketer - Mohammad Umer Iftikhar - writes online to his profile about how he was depressed and afraid of getting banned from Youtube.

But do you know what? He is making up to $500 USD daily.

This is what he wrote:


I am and was never depressed or afraid of getting banned from Youtube. Last night I posted being depressed was actually not completing target in time.

I am thankful to Allah for what I have and if there is something missing. I can get that by hard work or prayers. If channels have gone, Allah has better plan for me.

So I am sorry to let haters down that I am afraid or depressed by channels suspension. You know what I still have 100+ channels. Youtube only suspended my three channels that were making around 100+ Usd a day.

But right after that I have opened and created 25+ more channels having strategy of making 500 Usd a day. So you should understand how well risk taker and how well risk divider and how well smart worker you are.

I know I am not smart worker and I am doing wrong by just relying on Google Adsense. The thing that got me depressed was having millions of views and earning coins. While rest of smart workers are having low volume of visitors and earning great ( Affiliate Marketing ).

So I was depressed as I know nothing about affiliate marketing, writing techniques, site SEO and plans. I was depressed because I am somehow on right and wrong road. I was depressed because I should do smart work.

But in the last I am. Alhamdulillah doing great.

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